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The School of Arts and Sciences uses assessment as an important tool in maintaining excellence in undergraduate education. SAS emphasizes sustainable, efficient, and authentic assessments that provide valid practical information for decision-making about how to improve student learning outcomes in both general education and in majors and minors, and in promoting a culture of continuous improvement based on evidence in our administrative support for students and faculty.

The School of Arts and Sciences offers a liberal arts education of the highest quality to a student body that uniquely combines academic excellence and social, economic, and cultural diversity. Our students will achieve:

These learning goals are aligned with the University learning goals.

All courses in the Scool of Arts and Sciences are expected to include a statement of learning goals, which may include disciplinary learning goals and/or Core Curriculum goals in which the course is certified, as well as the course-specific learning goals. 

 Course-specific learning goals are the answer to the question:

"What will students learn and be able to do if they successfully complete this course - the front and center purpose of the required work?"

For an overview of assessment practices in the School of Arts and Sciences, see:

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