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Core Assessment

The Core Curriculum is overseen by the Core Requirements Comittee (CRC) and is staffed by the SAS Assistant Dean for Assessment, who provides assessment assistance to faculty and assessment deans in the several NB schools. The CRC meets several times throughout the semester to review petitions to add courses to the list of courses certified for the Core, review assessment results and plans to modify courses based on those results, and otherwise make Core Curriculum policy.

Assessment is integral to the Core Curriculum. The CRC requires that all courses certified for the Core include a clear statement of the Core Curriculum goal(s) on the syllabus and a plan for assessing student achievement of the specified Core learning goal(s). These assessment plans are reviewed by the CRC before a course is recommended to the full faculty for certification as meeting a Core Curriculum requirement. As assessment is built into the structure of Core courses, the CRC expects these assessments will be conducted every time that the Core course is offered.

The CRC asks departments for formal assessment reports on all Core certified courses in a cycle of 3 year intervals such that each year the CRC reviews assessment reports from a third of the departments. (  pdf Core Assessment Reporting Cycle (292 KB) )

These assessment reports are intended to:

  • compile systematic evidence that students are achieving the Core Curriculum goals;
  • identify gaps between the aspirations of the course and actual student achievement; and
  • provide a trigger for modification or department review of the course and its appropriateness for the Core.

Core courses primarily employ direct assessment of authentic artifacts of student learning, scoring an embedded assignment or exam question(s) using the Core goal rubrics the CRC has developed for each goal.2 The CRC believes that this assessment tool best balances the demands for efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability, while providing genuinely useful information for continuous improvement right at the point where fruitful change is mostly likely to be made – at the department and instructor level.

  pdf Core Curriculum Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Report AY 2016-2017  (1.20 MB)   pdf   (46 KB) pdf (46 KB)

pdf Executive Council on Assessment (ECA) Response, 
Core Assessment AY 2016-17 
(46 KB)

pdf (46 KB) pdf Core Curriculum Student Learning Outcomes Assessment, AY 2015-16 (996 KB)  

  pdf Executive Council on Assessment (ECA) Response,
Core Assessment AY 2015-16 (121 KB)

pdf Core Curriculum Student Learning Outcomes Assessment, AY 2014-15 (770 KB)

pdf Executive Council on Assessment (ECA) Response, Core Assessment AY 2014-15 (129 KB)

pdf CRC Report to the Executive Dean, October 2014

 Does Assessment Make Colleges Better?

Core Curriculum Assessment Links

login with NetID and password to enter assessment results for Core-certified courses.

Core Assessment Reports - STEP-by-STEP Instructions:  ( document PowerPoint (1 MB) ) | ( pdf PDF (3.84 MB) )

The Core Curriculum is completed by all students matriculating in the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS), School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (SEBS), and the New Brunswick Business School (RBS), including those planning to complete majors offered by the Edward J Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy (EJBSPPP), the Mason Gross School of the Arts bachelors' programs (MGSA), the School of Communication and Information (SC&I), the School of Management and Labor Relations (SMLR), and the School of Social Work (SSW). SEBS students also complete several additional SEBS-specific Core requirements.

2 For the full process and rubrics, see the pdf Faculty Guide to Certification in the Core


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