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SAS Department and Program Assessment

The SAS faculty Assessment Committee, along with the SAS Dean's office, oversees department based assessment of learning goals for specific majors and minors. Guidance in developing assessment plans is available in  document Developing a Program Assessment Plan .

The SAS departments' pdf programmatic learning goals  are available on SAS and department web pages and in the official catalog. Departments submit annual assessment document reports  on or before June 15th that include:

  • the learning goals for their major(s) and/or minor(s)
  • the strategy or site for student achievement of these learning goal(s)
  • a description of least one direct measure of student learning outcomes, and the benchmarks for these; a summary of the results of the assessment(s); and
  • planned or implemented changes in light of the results, as well as a projected timeline for the follow-up re-assessment of student outcomes on the goal(s).

The departmental reports are reviewed in the Dean's office and by the SAS Assessment Committee. The Committee prepares  document individual reviews of each department's assessment report noting "strengths," "points of concern," and "suggestions for moving forward." In reviewing department plans, the Committee is guided by the University's Assessment Checklist for Academic Programs. Throughout the year, the SAS Dean's office assists departments in designing, implementing, interpreting, and improving their assessment efforts. In the annual report on the state of assessment in SAS prepared for the Executive Dean and the University's Executive Council on Assessment, SAS uses the ECA checklist to assess its own progress in advancing assessment and uses the results to improve its own support for assessment.


  pdf Executive Council on Assessment Narrative Spring 2017  (50 KB)

  pdf (1.72 MB) pdf SAS Annual Assessment Report (1.72 MB) pdf  AY 2016-17 (1.72 MB)

  pdf Assessment Council on Learning Outcomes (ACLO) Response to Spring 2017 Learning Outcome Assessment Report (46 KB)

  pdf Review of the SAS annual assessment report and the Core Curriculum assessment report 2017 (34 KB)

  pdf Core Curriculum Assessment (1.20 MB) pdf  2016-17 (1.20 MB)

pdf Memo to Undergraduate Program Directors on SAS Program Assessment 2015-16 (51 KB)

  pdf SAS Annual Assessment Report, AY 2015-16 (932 KB)

  pdf Executive Council on Assessment (ECA) Response,
SAS Program Assessment AY 2015-16 (118 KB)

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