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SAS Assessment Committee

SAS Assessment Committee

The SAS Faculty Assessment Committee, along with the SAS Dean's Office, oversees department-based assessment of learning goals for SAS majors and minors. Guidance in developing assessment plans is available by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education or through Department and Program Assessment.

document Department annual reports , with updates on progress over the last year on program-level assessment, are due to the Assessment Committee by June 15.

Conveners: Susan E. Lawrence, Vice Dean for Undergraduate Education

                   Carolyn Moehling, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education

pdf Committee Members, AY 2016-17 (241 KB) :
Emily Allen-Hornblower   Classics
Dennis Bathory              Political Science
Linnea Dickson              Psychology
Mary Emenike               Chemistry & Chemical Biology
William Field                  Political Science
Paola Gambarota           Italian  (on leave Fall 2016)
Joanne Hunt                  Kinesiology & Health
Kathleen López             Latino & Caribbean Studies, History
Kurt Spellmeyer            English, Writing Program
Kathleen Scott              Cell Biology & Neuroscience
Michael Weingart          Mathematics

Assessment Committee Fall 2016 Meeting
Monday, September 26
10:00 am - 12:00 noon

 A Brief Glossary of Terms in the document Report Reviews :

Benchmark – the baseline level of performance that qualifies as "satisfactory." For example, for the benchmark for learning goals for the major would be the minimum level of achievement you would require at graduation. Of course, good assessment tools will also define higher levels of performance that mark excellence in the major.

Capstone – used inclusively to refer to either a capstone course or another culminating experience/sequence.

CTL – "closing the loop," e.g., taking specified action(s) in response to assessment results.

SLO – student learning outcome.

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