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Best Practices

Program Assessment “Best Practices”

 Is there a clearly articulated plan for program assessment?

Based on the report, is it clear that there is faculty (committee) oversight of curriculum assessment; that the faculty have developed a sustainable assessment plan; that there is ongoing implementation of this plan; and that assessment results are used to inform decision-making about the program?

Best Practices

• An active working group/ committee is in place, and continuously maintained from one academic year to next.
• An assessment plan has been developed and implemented, with a timeline for sustaining efforts over time.
• Direct assessment data have been collected, analyzed, and shared with faculty.
• Assessment data are being used for decision-making and program improvement, and to develop plans for addressing areas of concern. (This is often referred to as “closing the loop.”)

Is it clear where/ how the program learning goals are achieved?

Based on the report, does it appear that program requirements are clearly aligned with the program learning goals and that benchmarks have been established for measuring student achievement of these goals?

Best Practices

• Describes activities, requirements, and competencies that are aligned with achievement of each learning goal by program completion.
• Describes the specific courses that address the program requirements and learning goals.
• Includes information about how student outcomes may be developed over successive courses/requirements.
• Includes clear and appropriate benchmarks for student achievement of the goals.

Is it clear how the program learning goals are sustainably assessed?

Based on the report, does it appear that student achievement of the program learning goals is effectively assessed, and that the assessments are sustainable over time?

Best Practices

• Describes an ongoing process of implementing specific direct assessments of all learning goals that is easily sustained over time.
• Includes the relevant rubric, test, survey instrument, etc. used for each measure, and identifies clear benchmarks for each performance level.
• Benchmarks are reviewed to ensure consistency, improvement of outcomes over time.
• Assessment tools(s) are periodically reviewed, tested for ease of use.
• Faculty are provided guidance on assessment related to improving reliability and comparability of results over time. 

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