Faculty Guide to Core Certification

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The innovative new Core Curriculum establishes common goals that, along with a major and minor specialization, prepare SAS graduates for successful lives and careers built on a critical understanding of the natural environment, human behavior, and the individual’s role in diverse societies. Conversant with multiple intellectual traditions, modes of analysis, and schools of thought and armed with well-developed communication, reasoning, and problem solving skills, SAS graduates are prepared to meet any challenge!

The distinctive Core Curriculum cultivates and nurtures curiosity by emphasizing the process of inquiry and the creation of knowledge through debate, research, and scholarship. The Core Curriculum incorporates SAS students into the mission of our great research university and arms them with the intellectual resources required for excellence in meeting the rapidly transforming challenges of the 21st Century.

Courses specifically approved as satisfying the common Core Curriculum Requirements are limited to those that put one or more of the Core Curriculum goals front and center in the design of the course and that include assessment tools to measure achievement of these goals. In the interest of transparency to students, the relevant Core Curriculum goals should be listed clearly on the syllabus. Courses can – and should -- meet multiple learning goals and students can count a single course as meeting multiple learning goals.

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