Archive of Reports to the Faculty

Faculty Meeting, May 2011

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Items spreadsheet contains the curriculum agenda for the May 3 meeting of the SAS faculty. It consists of an excel document which presents the information for all courses (new and changed) for consideration, and a document which lists all changes in majors, minors and other programs.

spreadsheet Courses
pdf Major-Minors-Certs

The zip file below titled contains copies of the syllabi corresponding to new courses. The filenames of the syllabi in the folder correspond to the course numbers. The individual syllabi are also individually linked below.

Core Requirements Committee

document Core 2011-13 Catalog Copy
pdf CRC Report for SAS Faculty Meeting



CORE Presentation.ppt
document Rutgers Day.ppt

Zip file: archive

The zip file ttled contains supporting documents for the Major, Minor, and Certificate changes. The filenames correspond to the subject numbers. The individual docs are also linked directly below.

Zip file: archive

document 013Cert.doc
pdf 050NewMinor.pdf
document 355Major(NewOption).docx
document 355Major(SummaryChanges).docx
document 355Minor.docx
document 563Minor(ChangeOption).doc
document 563Minor(NewOption).doc