kD18 SAS Awards 0274

The 2018 SAS Awards for Distinguished Contributions to Undergraduate Education were announced at a May 1 ceremony at Rutgers Hillel. The awards honored seventeen teachers--from faculty members to graduate students--for accomplishments both within and beyond the classroom. Executive Dean Peter March opened the ceremony by emphasizing the critical role that undergraduate instruction plays in a strong Arts and Sciences program. He then presented the awards, which cover the spectrum of Arts and Sciences fields from economics and French to psychology and anthropology.

Read more about the 2018 honorees here. 




2017-18 Distinguished Contribution to Undergraduate Education Honorees


 Douglas Blair, Economics and Political Science

 Mary S. Gossy, Women’s and Gender Studies

 Saurabh Jha, Physics and  Astronomy 

 Mary Shaw, French

Associate Professor   

 Ulla Berg, Anthropology and Latino and Caribbean Studies

 Julien Musolino, Psychology

 Nicholas Rennie, German Languages & Literatures 

 Assistant Professor   

 Sylvia Chan-Malik, Women’s and Gender Studies    

 Shana Cole, Psychology

 Jamie Pietruska, History

Non-tenure Track (Teaching Faculty)          

 Anne Carr-Schmid, Life Sciences

 Michael Gentile, Physics and Astronomy 

 Justin Kalef, Philosophy

Teaching Assistant      

 Christopher Hauser, Philosophy

 Susan Kenney, French

 Abigail Reardon, Writing Program

 Andrea Gaytan-Cuesta, Spanish