Practical steps for using the web roster application:

In your web browser, go to

You will be taken to the login page (this is the security feature).  Enter your Net ID (or follow the Net ID Query link

if you do not know it) and your rci password.  Click on "submit".  Important:  you must use your rci password, not a password for a local server.

If you have a "Controller" or "Manager" role, you will be able to choose among the options "View Rosters," "Upload Course,"   "View Status," "Grant/Revoke Privileges."  Those who have a "Grader" or "Read Only" role will choose between "View" and "Upload Course."  The "Help" feature in the upper right hand corner provides greater detail on what I describe here.

"View Rosters:"

In order to view a roster to which one already has access, on the view card enter the course number as indicated.  If the course has more than one section of a single course, all sections to which you have access can be called up at once; moreover, an alphabetical list for the whole course (not just the section) can be obtained.  You can also follow the "Drill Down" instructions to choose among the courses to which you have access.

The online roster will appear momentarily.  You can download it to a spreadsheet file by clicking appropriately.  The downloaded version includes student numbers and email addresses.  If you have "Controller" or "Grader" access, you will also be able to click on the box to obtain a grade roster to be submitted.

"Upload Course:"

If you have Controller or Grader privileges, you can use this feature to upload an appropriate spreadsheet including grades.  If you have a large course it is likely you will be interested in submitting grades in this fashion; for smaller courses it is generally easier to just enter grades directly onto the online grade rosters.

"Grant/Revoke Privileges:"

This card allows those with a "Controller" or "Manager" role to grant and revoke privileges to others. You can only grant or revoke privileges for courses to which you have privileges.  Enter the SSN or name of the person to whom you wish to grant/revoke privileges; and click on the correct name found by the search.  Existing privileges for that person will be listed.  Choose the role to grant and the course, again by number or via "Drill Down.  "All" courses or "all" sections of a given course are options.    Submit the request, and then continue with the next granting.

"View Status:"

This card allows those with an "Controller" or "Manager" role to check to see whether final grade rosters have been filed with the Registrar, either online or on paper.