Submitting Senior Awards & Honors

Instructions for Undergraduate Directors

Awards are due April 15, 2024.

Please find specific instructions for submitting each award/honor below as well as formatting guidelines for these submissions. 

Style Guidelines & Check List for Submissions 

  • Check that all students are SAS students and seniors. NOTE: Students can be recognized as Paul Robeson and Henry Rutgers Scholars prior to their senior year.
  • Provide an RUID for all students. 

Every student’s name should be entered in the following format:

  • First Name, Middle Initial with period, Last Name (Sherri S. Somers)
  • Please be sure to check (and confirm with students if there are questions) spelling, any accents, and mid-name capitalization. For example: Ronald R. McDonald

For Henry Rutgers Scholars nominations: Please be sure to double-check thesis titles before submitting.

Honors Theses

Departmental Honors & Awards

SAS Outstanding Service Award


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