Faculty Learning Communities are groups of 6–12 faculty who meet about once a month throughout an academic year to explore a topic connected to teaching, learning, and pedagogical innovation. Each FLC is facilitated by an SAS faculty member or instructor who's passionate about the topic.

Join the AY23-24 SAS FLC on AI Technology in Education!

Are you unsure if you could, or even should, incorporate AI technologies into your courses? What are the ethical and equity-minded considerations around AI technology use in education? Are you still wondering what the best AI policy statement should be for your syllabus? If so, you’re not alone! Please join a cohort of instructors in a faculty learning community that will support you as you explore how AI technologies, like text generating AI, will impact how you design your courses.

While the aim of this FLC is not to reach consensus around the right way to approach AI, we will look at various perspectives on AI technologies in education and experiment with the technology. Our supportive environment will provide a space to explore alongside colleagues:

  • How AI technologies can potentially impact your own courses
  • The potential affordances and disaffordances of AI technologies
  • Ethical considerations of incorporating or not incorporating AI technologies in your courses

Our faculty learning community is open to all SAS instructors. We will meet once a month during the academic year on zoom. At the end of the year, you will be well-positioned to continue the conversation on AI within your respective disciplines.

By participating in this community, you will:

  • Be more informed about emerging literacies and how we can support our learners and ourselves in a shifting technological landscape
  • Consider the impact of AI technologies as you navigate your course design and instructional decisions
  • Examine various perspectives of how/if AI should be integrated into college teaching and learning
  • Generate ideas and start to develop approaches around the use (or non-use) of AI technologies in your courses

We’re looking forward to spending time thinking and learning about the impact of AI technologies on education with you this academic year. Space is limited so please sign up to reserve your spot in the faculty learning community by Sept. 20th. If you have any questions, please reach out to .

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