Get some support while you work on your course this summer.

Join a group of instructors working steadily on their courses over the summer! Working groups provide the support, accountability, and feedback you need to take your course to the next level. Biweekly group meetings may include discussions, readings, and guest speakers; participants will share syllabi, assignments, discussion prompts, and other teaching materials with the group for workshopping.

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This summer, participants will be grouped into two areas of focus:

Representation and Inclusion

Expand the inclusiveness of your course this summer!

  • Build an inclusive syllabus
  • Identify topics and build representation into your course materials
  • Expand your use of evidence-based inclusive teaching practices
  • Design equitable exams, prompts, or assignments

Open to any SAS instructors teaching in all disciplines and areas.

Online/Hybrid Pedagogy and Course Design

Develop and refine your online or hybrid course this summer!

  • Use course design best practices to plan your online or hybrid course
  • Build and get feedback on your course organization and structure
  • Expand your repertoire of evidence-based strategies for connecting with students and building community
  • Create engaging and interactive activities and assignments

Open to any SAS instructors teaching in all disciplines and areas.


  • Biweekly synchronous online meetings, scheduled based on participants’ availability (we all need a vacation these days; if you’ll miss a meeting here and there during the summer, that’s totally fine)
  • Facilitated by SAS OUE teaching and learning team members
  • Commitment to creating, sharing, and providing feedback on each others’ course materials

If you have questions about the program, please e-mail . Unfortunately, we are not able to offer financial support to working group participants.