Faculty Learning Communities

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Faculty Learning Communities are groups of 6–12 faculty who meet about once a month throughout an academic year to explore a topic connected to teaching, learning, and pedagogical innovation. The SAS Office of Undergraduate Education is sponsoring two Faculty Learning Communities in 2019–2020.

We are accepting sign-ups until 5/31, or while space is available. Click here to apply today!

2019-2020 Topics

Students in Transition

Students arrive at Rutgers from myriad educational systems and learning experiences. Whether from a New Jersey high school, a community college, or a secondary school in another country, our students must complete a challenging transition into a new learning environment rich in differing terminologies, course structures, and academic goals.

If you're a faculty member who teaches, mentors, or advises students transitioning to Rutgers, this Faculty Learning Community will connect you to colleagues with similar experiences and goals to understand what others are already doing, to consider scholarly research on student transition, and to explore the best use of student support services and programs. We hope you will join so that we might work to share and align language, learning goals, and instructional approaches to simplify and support student transition to Rutgers.

The community will be facilitated by Dr. Gregg Transue, Director of Introductory Biology Programs in the Division of Life Sciences (including General Biology and the Gateway course Preparation for General Biology). Gregg oversees the instruction of more than 2,000 new students each semester. He is a seabird ecologist who has been involved with introductory biology students and courses at Rutgers since 1982.

Writing in the Disciplines

Writing remains a challenge, even for many of our best students. As students advance in a discipline, this challenge grows: in addition to the mechanics of writing and basic critical thinking skills, students must master discipline-specific conventions for writing and reasoning, integrate what they’re learning, and understand how to reach the academic or professional audience they’re writing for.

Facilitated by Professors Kristen Syrett and Crystal Akers of Linguistics, this Learning Community will bring together a diverse group of faculty to explore the variety of approaches taken at Rutgers to teaching disciplinary writing; identify research-based strategies for developing students’ disciplinary writing skills; and think about how and when to incorporate disciplinary writing into program curricula.

About Faculty Learning Communities 

Faculty learning communities are groups of 6–12 faculty who meet about once a month throughout an academic year to engage with a topic connected to teaching, learning, and pedagogical innovation. Each group sets its own agenda and goals for the year.

As a learning community member, you will:

  • Connect with colleagues about teaching, within and across disciplinary boundaries
  • Help your group choose specific topics and readings within the overall theme
  • Commit to meeting with your group once every 3–4 weeks during the 2019–20 academic year
  • Explore and adopt new, innovative approaches to teaching

Participation is limited to SAS faculty and faculty from other schools who predominantly teach SAS students.