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The School of Arts and Sciences Office of Undergraduate Education is pleased to announce its call for applications for the 2019-2020 Grossman Interdisciplinary Research Team Fellowships (Grossman IRT).

The Grossman Interdisciplinary Research Team Fellowship program supports interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary projects that expand traditional notions of research through collaborative work. The program supports teams of 2-5 rising sophomores and juniors working on a semester or year-long project that requires some type of research and that results in a product or deliverable, broadly defined. Teams must be multidisciplinary but at least half of any team should be SAS students and supervising faculty must be from SAS.

Supervising faculty will work closely with their student-team to develop a “project management” plan for the semester.  Each plan must clearly articulate the objectives of the project, provide a brief explanation of how each member of the team will contribute to the project, and establish a time-table. Faculty supervisors will ensure that their Grossman Team works cooperatively to produce the proposed project. Each Grossman Team must create a physical and digital poster to be presented at a campus poster session. Digital posters should be reproduced on a single Power Point slide so that they may be archived for web viewing. All digital posters must be submitted to the SAS Office of Undergraduate Education by the end of the semester.

Students who are selected as Grossman fellows will register for 01:556:328:GT (1.5 credits) for each semester of the project. Students should expect to complete 5-7 hours of work per week over the course of the semester.  Faculty are encouraged to meet with their team as often as is needed during the semester.

In support of their academic success, and their commitment to interdisciplinary scholarship, fellows will receive a $1250 award. Twenty percent of this award will be processed at the beginning of the semester and 80 percent at the end of the semester. Awards will be applied to fellows’ current term bill. Any amount exceeding their balance owed can be refunded to the student through the Office of Student Accounting. Limited funds are also available for supplies or travel required to execute the proposed project.

Questions may be directed to Vice Dean Susan Lawrence, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Submission Guidelines 

You may apply with a group, or partial group, of students already selected.  Or, you may describe what you are looking for in a team to complete your project and we will advertise the opportunity to students (much as ARESTY does) and send you appropriate applicants to review.  For fall 2019 (or full year 2019-20) if you would like to open your project up for students to apply to, please submit your application no later than March 20th so that we can advertise during preregistration.  If you are assembling your own group of students, we will accept applications up through May 1st. We will open another application cycle for fall 2020 projects.  

  document Please review the Faculty Application here. (343 KB)

  document  Please find the 01:556:328:GT (1.5 credits) Shared Syllabus Appendix here. (347 KB)

  document Please click here to read about the three SAS Spring 2019 Grossman IRT Pilot Projects. (19 KB)

About Alan Grossman

Alan Grossman received his BS in Computer Sciences (with Honors) from Livingston College, Rutgers University and went on to complete an MS in Computer Sciences from Stevens Institute of Technology. He had a distinguished 25 year career in the telecommunications industry, starting at AT&T Bell Laboratories, and then following divestiture he continued his work at Bellcore and Telcordia Technologies. His service to Rutgers includes membership on the Livingston College Dean’s Advisory Council, the President’s Council, the Colonel Henry Rutgers Society, and the Livingston Alumni Association. Since its creation in May 2011, The Alan H. Grossman Annual Scholarship has provided financial assistance to nearly twenty Rutgers students.

Team Work Resources

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