Keep Teaching: Continuity of Instruction

Steps to Accommodate Graduate and Undergraduate Off-Campus Teaching & Learning

Rutgers University Teaching and Learning with Technology: Emergency Preparedness


Expand the sections below for actions you can take and resources you can use when adapting your course to remote instruction. Please continue to check this page as it will be updated frequently as additional information and resources become available.

Keep Teaching FAQ — updated 3/23

Tips for Remote Exams and Alternative Assessments - updated 3/20

More Rutgers Resources

University-Wide COVID-19 Information — also see the updated university-wide FAQ

Remote Teaching and Working

Digital Classroom Services: Academic Continuity

Office of Disability Services: Adjusting Online Exam Time


  • If you need 24/7 technical support, please contact the Help Desk at Teaching and Learning with Technology.
  • If you need help finding solutions for your specific pedagogical needs, contact Eliza Blau, Instructional Design and Technology specialist for the School of Arts and Sciences, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • NEW: If you intend to deliver streamed lectures from your usual classroom while students are learning remotely you should contact DCS immediately using this form so that this can be set up prior to 3/23/20.

Steps and Resources

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