Core Requirements Committee

The Core Curriculum is overseen by the Core Requirements Committee (CRC) and is administered by the SAS Office of Undergraduate Education, which provides assessment and assistance to faculty and assessment deans in the several New Brunswick schools. The CRC meets several times throughout the semester to review petitions to add courses to the list of courses certified for the Core, review assessment results and plans to modify courses based on those results, and otherwise make Core Curriculum policy.

Core Requirements Committee Members

Kathleen Scott, Chair Cell Biology & Neuroscience (SAS)
Atif Akin Mason Gross School of the Arts (MGSA)
Melissa Amaral Office of Academic Services (SAS)
Michael Beals Mathematics (SAS)
Sharon Bzostek Associate Dean, SAS Office of Undergraduate Education
Samantha Farris Psychology (SAS)
Tatiana Flores    Art History & Latino and Caribbean Studies (SAS)
Angela Gibney Mathematics (SAS)
Martha Haviland Division of Life Sciences, Genetics (SAS)
Thomas Leustek School of Environmental & Biological Sciences (SEBS)
Carter Mathes English (SAS)
Paul McLean Sociology (SAS)
Lenore Neigeborn Office of Academic Services (SAS)
Kerstin Schnatter Rutgers Business School (RBS)
Tamara Sears Art History (SAS)
Kurt Spellmeyer English Writing Program (SAS)
Sharon Stoerger School of  Communication & Information (SC&I)
David Wilder Psychology (SAS)
Lei Yu    Division of Life Sciences, Genetics (SAS)

David Goldman, Director of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Nicole Gangino, Administrative Assistant for Office of Undergraduate Education


Meetings, Fall 2020 

All meetings will be held via Zoom

Monday, September 21st 1 - 3 PM

Thursday, October 15th 9 AM - 11 AM

Tuesday, November 10th 2 - 4 PM

Wednesday, November 18th 2 - 4 PM

Thursday, December 3rd 9 - 11 AM


Meetings, Spring 2021


Archive of Reports to the Faculty