Core Assessment

The School of Arts and Sciences uses assessment as an important tool in maintaining excellence in undergraduate education. SAS emphasizes sustainable, efficient, and authentic assessments that provide valid practical information for decision-making about how to improve student learning outcomes in both general education and in majors and minors, and in promoting a culture of continuous improvement based on evidence in our administrative support for students and faculty. Assessment is integral to the Core Curriculum. The CRC requires that all courses certified for the Core include a clear statement of the Core Curriculum goal(s) on the syllabus and a plan for assessing student achievement of the specified Core learning goal(s). These assessment plans are reviewed by the CRC before a course is recommended to the full faculty for certification as meeting a Core Curriculum requirement. As assessment is built into the structure of Core courses, the CRC expects these assessments will be conducted every time that the Core course is offered.

The CRC asks departments for formal assessment reports on all Core certified courses in a cycle of 3 year intervals such that each year the CRC reviews assessment reports from a third of the departments. View the   pdf Core Assessment Reporting Cycle. (172 KB)

Core Curriculum Assessment Links

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 Core Assessment Reports - STEP-by-STEP Instructions pdf
(242 KB)

Submit Reporting of Core Goal Assessment

Due dates for Core assessment reports:

  • Summer session (as of AY 2017-18) - by October 1 
  • Fall semester  - before February 1
  • Winter session - by March 1 (Note: all Core courses offered during the Winter session must submit a Core assessment report)
  • Spring semester - no later than June 1

These assessment reports are intended to:

  • compile systematic evidence that students are achieving the Core Curriculum goals;
  • identify gaps between the aspirations of the course and actual student achievement; and
  • provide a trigger for modification or department review of the course and its appropriateness for the Core. 


  pdf Core Curriculum Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Report, 2021–22 (633 KB)