Experiential learning is a process where students learn by doing and reflect on their experience. It encompasses internships, research, labs, practicums, fieldwork, service learning, study abroad opportunities, and so much more.

Experiential learning involves not only the opportunity itself, but also a chance for students to reflect and synthesize their knowledge, take initiative, become engaged, and be accountable, and be part of an experience that involves genuine learning and discovery.

All students are encouraged to participate in at least one experiential learning opportunity during their undergraduate career to prepare themselves for a life of purpose, career success, and/or further study beyond the undergraduate degree.

Below are lists of credit-bearing experiential learning opportunities open to students in SAS. For more information about the individual offerings, please contact the major/department, or other unit, listed in association with the entry. Note that not all opportunities listed here are available every semester.

Students, we strongly encourage you to check with the departments or programs associated with each experiential learning opportunity below to see whether and how the opportunity counts towards the Major. A list of Majors and Minors within Rutgers – New Brunswick SAS, with links to each department or program, can be found here. For inquiries about SAS OUE opportunities, please contact us using the email address below.

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