The Core Requirements Committee (CRC) has developed rubrics for each of the Core learning goals:

Download Rubrics for Core Curriculum Learning Goals

These rubrics are designed at a level of generality that allows them to be used to assess achievement of Core Curriculum goals in many different disciplines and across many different iterations of a course.

Each rubric includes criteria for scoring that provide substantive definitions for each level of student performance on the goal.

To facilitate faculty use of rubrics for Core and other learning goals assessment, SAS OUE partnered with OIRT to develop a rubric tool in Sakai which is pre-populated with the Core Rubrics. This can be customized to add course-specific criteria. Detailed instructions about using this tool are in the HELP section in Sakai.

Faculty may also use rubrics as a guide in identifying a set of objective test questions that are directly relevant to the Core goal, and then specify the percent of those questions that must be answered correctly for each level of student achievement: for example, the instructor may decide that getting 79%-70% correct is "satisfactory."

The CRC also has developed an  spreadsheet Excel tool that allows faculty to easily tag objective test questions from Scantron Excel reports, or other such sources, and calculate the number of students at each performance level: for the Excel template, click HERE.